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Depreciate Equipment Value with Confidence

Base your equipment value on actual market prices, not century-old formulas.

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Defend Your Determination of Value

Ensuring you have the data you need to complete and defend your determination of value.



When you need the value of your equipment, shouldn't it be based on what someone would pay for it in today's market place?


Verifiable Data

Based on actual sales comparables and tested with actual comparable sales appraisals.


Easy Calculations

Methodology from America's largest and most prestigious equipment society - American Society of Appraisers and the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO).

We Believe You Should


PTRS has developed depreciation schedules which estimates the decline of the subject’s value over time. This provides our customers with Fair Market Value (FMV) that is credible based on methodology developed by the American Society of Appraisers and the IAAO.

Nearly, all equipment depreciation tables used today are based on survival studies and do not account for obsolescence found in equipment. PTRS Depreciation Schedules are based on economic useful life, which estimates all forms of deprecation found in any equipment type (physical, functional, and economic).

An asset’s economic life this gives our customers a true FMV or a creditable value, according to Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP).

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Introducing the


Based on Thousands of New & Used Sales

With over 30 years of experience determining the value of equipment and machinery, we have a meticulous method of data collection that we’re now opening up to the marketplace.

Thousands of Data Points and Growing

Our database already contains most of the machinery and equipment, covering 32 market segments, with new line items added yearly.

Easy to Incorporate into Workflow

The easy-to-use PTRS Depreciation Schedules can be converted to an excel, so it’s easily incorporated into your everyday work flow.

Equipment Categories

Fair market depreciation schedules in dozens of categories

  • Servers
  • Computers
  • Security
  • Office Equipment
  • Network Equipment
  • Office Furniture
  • Repair Shop
  • Tractor / Trailer
  • Production / Manufacturing
  • Warehouse
  • Light Duty Trucks
  • Metal Manufacturing
  • High-Tech Production
  • TV Production
  • Flight Simulators
  • Convenience Store
  • Refrigeration
  • Gas Station / Repair Shop
  • Gym Equipment
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Medical
  • Kitchen
  • Convenience Store
  • Refrigeration
  • Gas Station
  • Construction
  • Construction Equipment

Used Across Industries

We're committed to empowering industries with better valuations


Lending Institutions


  • Establish Current Fair Market Value

  • Determine Future Residual Value

  • Documented Evidence of Value

  • Efficient Method to Value Large Groups of Equipment

Ad Valorem Tax Professionals

Government ​Tax Agencies


  • Documented Verification of Asset Values

  • Proven Method Used in Tax Appeal Cases

  • Physical Depreciation Schedules versus Actual Market Values

  • Ideal for Mass Appraisals

Insurance Companies

Buyers- Sellers


  • Determine Current Value or Depreciated Replacement Cost

  • Expedite and Resolve Claims

  • Actual Market Values versus Guesstimates

  • Streamline Value Process

Value With Confidence.

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